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Event Guidelines

As public health conditions evolve, our event will adjust in line with federal, state, and local directives. Adjustments could encompass alterations in capacity, entry procedures, and health-related mandates like vaccine proof or negative COVID-19 tests. Masks might be required based on health advisories. Failure to adhere to event rules or health orders may result in denial of entry without a ticket refund.

COVID-19 Advisory

Be aware that COVID-19 is highly contagious and can result in severe illness or death. Participating in any public gathering elevates your exposure risk. A COVID-free environment is not guaranteed.

Your Commitment to Safety By attending, you agree to follow all festival and health guidelines. The CDC identifies certain groups as being particularly vulnerable; such attendees should assess their risks prior to attending. Ensure you also adhere to local quarantine regulations and the CDC's guidelines, available HERE.

Security and Safety Measures

We've partnered with public safety agencies and law enforcement to uphold strict security standards. Expect safety screenings at entry points, which might include bag checks, metal detectors, and canine sweeps. Review our list of prohibited items to streamline the entry process. Disallowed items must be discarded or returned to vehicles.

Emergency Procedures

For emergencies, communications will be relayed via video screens, audio announcements, or our festival app. For medical concerns, seek out our dedicated medical tents. And remember: If you observe any unusual activity, alert a staff member or public safety official immediately.

If you see something, say something. Flag down any staff member or public safety official if you notice something that doesn’t seem quite right.

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